Saturday, February 23, 2008

In Seattle

The wife and I are in Seattle for the weekend, staying downtown. Beautiful city, and so far seems more of a soccer town than I've seen before. So far in one day, spotted in the wild, in locations with no direct soccer connection:

-Guy in a Man U windbreaker at the airport.
-Gazzetto Dello Sport (12 days old) in a newsstand.
-Guy in a US Mens National Team jersey in Pikes Place Market.
-Guy in a Lampard jersey in a restaurant.

I haven't seen any Seattle Sounders paraphernalia, but maybe that will change if Goff heard right.

I do see the occasional Chivas truck-window sticker or Club America jersey back home in DFW, but I can't recall having come across four sightings like the above in one day. It's enough to make a guy envious, but then, that is one of the unique challenges of being a fan of my hometown club and frankly, I am a spiteful bastard of a homer, and seeing all these people in their soccer shirts and their NFL stadium that looks like an English stadium just made me that much happier that the Hoops ended Seattle's cute little US Open Cup run.

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