Thursday, June 26, 2008

Red Bull New York 1 - 0 FC Dallas

Wow. 3 hours before kickoff of the next game. I'm cutting these things close.

Well, that was a clusterfuck. I understand Schellas wants a four-man backline. I think it could work. I think it could work this season, even. It could not work in this game, when the new boss had what, two practices with the team? It could not work when the team, already thin at pure defenders due to playing with a three-man backline for the whole season, was missing two more due to national team duties.

I also want to know in just what sort of ball-smashing lala-land Marcelo Saragosa is your first-choice winger. On a team with many defensive midfielders, he is the least competent contributing to the offense, and the slowest thinking in making passes of any kind. He has excellent workrate, is a dedicated and competent tackler, and would be ideal as a game-killing defensive sub to lock down wins. He is not any kind of offensive threat, and is so one-dimensional as to be a distinct liability played as anything other than a deep-lying midfield destroyer. He is not a winger!

Things need to get better, quickly. It's only two hours thirty-five minutes until the next game. We must win the next game.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

FC Dallas 1 - 0 Chicago Fire

I suppose I should get this one up before the next game kicks off, huh?

Yes, Chicago was missing players. Yes, It was ridiculously hot. You know what, though? None of that matters, because this was the best approach the Hoops have taken into a game all year, and it paid off with an entertaining game and a solid win that puts them halfway to winning the season series and the fan-created Brimstone Cup trophy. Cooper looked great, Oduro, while he didn't get a goal, employed his speed to keep a slow-ish Chicago backline off balance, and when the team was up late, they used solid possession and took the ball to the corner to burn time and sap the last bit of energy the Fire players had left. This last point reminds me that this is exactly the way any Texas soccer team should play in summertime day games against players from places with cooler temperatures. If you train in it and the other team doesn't, it should be an advantage.

This is the sort of performance I hoped to see and thought I might when I started the year so high on this group. Let's hope the new coach can keep it going.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New England Revolution 2 - 1 FC Dallas

I only caught the last thirty minutes of this game. From what I understand, they were the only thirty minutes worth watching. the Hoops just couldn't come back from an early two-goal deficit.

As unfortunate as the loss was, those thirty minutes really were some of the best soccer the team has played all year, and if not for New England's keeper Matt Reis making more saves than the Red Cross, the Hoops would have pulled a point. If the team can just play like that for a decent stretch in each game, this team will have some life left in it yet.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Colorado Rapids 2 - 1 FC Dallas

So, Marco Ferruzzi finally lost one. There were defensive breakdowns and a lack of creativity, but I'm not going to get all butt-hurt about it. It was away, and there were quite a few players missing for the Hoops. Frankly, given all the crap this team's wading through, they're doing pretty well. With eight of fourteen teams making the playoffs and the summer transfer window about to open, I'm interested in seeing what's going to happen. I was high on the young FC Dallas squad at the beginning of the season, and I still think they pull something out of this season, at least a first-round playoff win or a good US Open Cup run. It's up to them to prove me right.