Thursday, June 26, 2008

Red Bull New York 1 - 0 FC Dallas

Wow. 3 hours before kickoff of the next game. I'm cutting these things close.

Well, that was a clusterfuck. I understand Schellas wants a four-man backline. I think it could work. I think it could work this season, even. It could not work in this game, when the new boss had what, two practices with the team? It could not work when the team, already thin at pure defenders due to playing with a three-man backline for the whole season, was missing two more due to national team duties.

I also want to know in just what sort of ball-smashing lala-land Marcelo Saragosa is your first-choice winger. On a team with many defensive midfielders, he is the least competent contributing to the offense, and the slowest thinking in making passes of any kind. He has excellent workrate, is a dedicated and competent tackler, and would be ideal as a game-killing defensive sub to lock down wins. He is not any kind of offensive threat, and is so one-dimensional as to be a distinct liability played as anything other than a deep-lying midfield destroyer. He is not a winger!

Things need to get better, quickly. It's only two hours thirty-five minutes until the next game. We must win the next game.


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