Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Chivas USA 0 - FC Dallas 2

Holy crap Kenny Cooper! This is exactly what we all hoped you'd do as the primary target.

Holy crap Abe Thompson! Who can say you're too slow now?

Holy crap FC Dallas! What a win.

This is what I had hoped to see when FC Dallas chose to deal away Carlos Ruiz. This team is truly coming together as a unit. This time, they not only got an early lead against a supposedly superior opponent, but closed the deal, even grabbing an insurance goal to ice the game. Of course, FC Dallas has started hot each of the past two seasons and wilted in the stifling heat of a Texas summer, though I wonder what Cardiff or any other British team could manage in temperatures closing in on 40 degrees Celsius. It's still early, but my guarded preseason optimism is starting not to look so pollyanna-ish now. The Hoops are undefeated and may be on the beginnings of a roll.


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