Monday, March 3, 2008

Cardiff 0 - Leicester 1

So I finally have Linux working well on my laptop. The most recent Ubuntu actually gives me 3d acceleration and a stable Wireless internet connection, and I know the workaround I need to get sound working. The only things not working are Blackberry-as-bluetooth-modem and DRM'd digital media like my Cardiff City World audio feed. I was still basking in the glow of technological freedom on Saturday morning, so I just left the laptop in Linux and pulled up the BBC's live text updates.

I didn't miss much.

Looks like Dave Jones will have no trouble getting his wish to avoid having a bad Premier League season next year. Lord knows there's no good that can come of a year of increased national and global exposure and ridiculously huge TV revenue. Now, I'm not saying that Cardiff has the right situation to go up right now, but "sour grapes" is not exactly a trait that becomes the stuff of legends.

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