Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cardiff 2 - Bristol City 1

I didn't get to listen to this one, as I was participating in that most American (and Texan) of pastimes, shooting semi-automatic firearms. What were you expecting? Rounders? Fortunately, the Bluebirds didn't need my psychic assistance, as they beat promotion-challenging cross-border rivals Bristol City. This win goes a long way towards insuring that Cardiff won't have to sweat any kind of relegation fight, even if they hit a bigtime loss in form the rest of the season.

What's even sweeter about beating Bristol City, apart from knowing that the fans were singing the old standard, "Always shit on the English side of the bridge," a ditty which amuses me far more than it logically should, is that a certain former Swansea player goes back to Bristol with a loss. For those who don't know, Bristol City striker Lee Trundle was a longtime player for Swansea City, and on the occasion of Swansea's win in the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff at the 2006 FA Trophy final (not to be confused with the more prestigious FA Cup), he had himself a bit of fun. Lee was already a fan favorite of the Swansea faithful, and even though the Swans and the Bluebirds were not in the same league and the game wasn't against Cardiff City, Trundle made himself a legend to both fan bases with an anti-cardiff flag and t-shirt, though obviously each group of fans has a bit of a different take on the guy.


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